COVID Procedures


We ask that clients please call 703-373-3774 when you arrive with your pet. We will let you know when to meet us at the front door. REGISTER ONLINE HERE FIRST. Cases are treated in the order of arrival and nature of visit. Critical cases will always be treated first. Once the doctor evaluates your pet, you will be called – keep your phone handy! Thank you for your understanding in these unprecedented times! Your pet’s health is always our priority.

We are a PAPERLESS practice!
– All instructions will be emailed to you.
– The complete medical record, including any diagnostic results, are sent to your Primary Care Veterinarian for all follow-up care.

Cash free!
We accept payments in the form of all major credit cards, Care Credit, and personal check.


We offer gold standard urgent veterinary care

EMMAvet (EMergent Medical Attention)

Not every pet emergency needs to be treated at a Specialty Center or 24-hour ICU. We’re here when your Primary Care Veterinarian is closed.

Urgent Care Hours:
Monday – Friday 3pm-11pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am-11pm

Closed: Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

Physical Rehabilitation Hours: Appointments available Sundays, Mondays, & Tuesdays during normal business hours, and outside of those hours if scheduled in advance.

Know you need to bring your pet in? Register online now by clicking the link below! Please be advised that any critical patients will be seen first.

REGISTER ONLINE NOW (patients seen in order of arrival)


At The Cost And Convenience Our Fast-Paced Community Deserves

Have you ever come home from work to find that your dog or cat has vomited once, started having diarrhea, urinated outside the litterbox? Has your dog been at the park and gotten in a scuffle with another pet? Is your pet squinting all of a sudden or has ocular or nasal discharge? Is your dog asking to go outside to urinate more frequently? We are available after your typical workday to help you with these urgent times.


Extended hours. No appointment needed.

We offer extended hours and are able to treat most urgent needs. If we determine your pet requires ongoing treatment, we can stabilize for you to transfer to a 24hr hospital.

We're here for your pet's urgent needs

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Conveniently located in Alexandria, VA

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