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Keeping your pet safe, happy, healthy and warm this Holiday Season!

With the holiday season upon us, a time for friends and family, gatherings and travel, and the cold weather, let’s not forget our furry loved ones by keeping them safe, happy, healthy and warm this holiday season!

Let’s get together with friends and family!

Tis’ the season to be jolly! When family and friends come to visit, sometimes our furry loved ones are not too happy to see them. They can hide, cower or fear a stranger that’s come to visit for the holidays or just dinner.  So, a few things to consider when family and friends come to visit:

keeping your pet safe scared dog

  • Treats – If someone they have not met before comes to the house, treats can help familiarize your pet with a stranger by helping them trust an unfamiliar face.
  • Time – Sometimes a fearful pet can take more time to warm up to strangers than others. Let your pet be the one to approach them on their own terms.
  • Safety – If your pet is too frightened, give them space or even their own room, to feel safe and avoid stress or biting out of fear.

You are invited to dinner!

The best time of the year is a celebration of food with great recipes for the perfect holiday dinner to share with family and friends. (And, well, sometimes our pets may get a taste of our culinary efforts too). Pets and “human food” don’t always agree, consider:

keeping your pet safe dog eating

  • Keep kitchen foods out of reach – Avoid giving your pets fatty foods, meat with bones, bread, chocolate, grapes, raising, candy, caffeine, onions, mushrooms, nuts and avocados.
  • Spread the word – Let your friends and family know. It’s better to inform them about the dangers of giving these foods to your pet to prevent them from getting an upset stomach that may include: pain, vomiting, diarrhea, or other more serious symptoms.
  • Contact your veterinarian – If your pet does ingest any of these foods and show symptoms of not feeling well, please contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Going somewhere this holiday?

Whether your pet will travel with you this holiday, or stay at home or a boarding facility, don’t forget to make proper arrangements for your furry loved one. If traveling by:keeping your pet safe traveling Pet

  • Car or plane – Adjust your schedule to make sure you meet your pet’s needs while traveling. Consider how long the trip may be, and if your pet will need any special attention during travel.
  • Vaccinations – Make sure your pet is up-to-date on all shots before traveling.
  • Home or boarding – Make arrangements with pet sitters or boarding facilities ahead of time. Pet sitter may not be available at times needed and boarding facilities can book up fast when close to the holidays.

It’s Winter time!

While the winter weather outside can be frightful, you and your pet can enjoy the season inside cozy and warm. But if your pet enjoys being outdoors, just remember, if it’s cold outside for you, it’s cold outside for your pet too, consider:

keeping your pet safe dog in Snow

  • Clothing – Though this may not be for every pet, dressing up your pet for the cold weather is an option to keep them warm. Make sure pet’s clothes are not too tight or impede movement.
  • Cozy beds and blankets – Sure will keep your pet warm inside.
  • Outdoor activities – Supervise or limit outdoor activities in the cold, snow or ice, and when bringing your pet inside, clean and dry paws, ears and coat.

Wishing you all a happy and safe Holiday Season with your friends, family and furry loved ones!





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