About EMMAvet

Veterinary Urgent Care — we’re here when your dogs and cats need us.

EMMAvet (EMergent Medical Attention) – we’re here when your pets need us.

EMMAvet’s team members have backgrounds in Emergency and Specialty Medicine, where they treated dogs and cats in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Dr. Jarvinen realized that many of the patients she saw in the Emergency Room did not necessarily need an ICU. The owners and pets were spending a long time waiting to see a doctor for presenting complaints like a suspected urinary tract infection, squinting eye, diarrhea, vomiting, skin lesions, ear infections, and others. In human medicine, a model already existed for people to see a doctor either outside of normal physician office hours, or when their physicians were unable to get them in right away: urgent care. Following this model, with on-site diagnostics (laboratory, x-ray, ECG, ultrasound), Dr. Jarvinen created EMMAvet – veterinary urgent care. With a team of specialty-trained veterinarians, technicians, and client service representatives, EMMAvet is able to offer gold-standard care that dogs and cats would get in the ER, but with a shorter wait time and less expense. No appointments – walk-ins only.

EMMAvet’s team is passionate about patient care. They took medicine to the next level by making everything digital and paperless. Cash-free. The doctors and technicians work with the best tools available. This means that when the doctors are looking at cytology (cells on a slide under a microscope), they can actually take a picture of it and show you exactly what they are looking at. Ultrasound can be performed in the exam room with you. Through windows behind the front desk, you can watch the technicians run blood work and urine tests. You will be a part of the process, and the EMMAvet team will make your dog or cat their priority.

If your dog or cat happens to need additional treatment, EMMAvet’s team will stabilize for transfer to a 24-hr facility.


Know you need to bring your pet in? Register online now by clicking the link below! Please be advised that any critical patients will be seen first.


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