get to know the pets of EMMAvet team members!

Jaildog and Emma are grannies. Once a felon, Jaildog has repented for her past and now would love nothing more than to snuggle close to someone. Emma has never had anything bad happen to her. Lacking any comparison, she thinks any time the wind blows or a rain drop falls that the world must be ending. Her best quality is sleeping soundly now that she is mostly deaf.

Daisy considers herself a cosmopolitan who has a refined taste in architecture and enjoys a good aesthetic façade.

Ryuk is a security guard, but a security guard deemed “too unstable” to be on the police force. So, he’s a tacti-cool gate guard at a low security server farm with a shotgun. He keeps all of his keys on a clip on his belt, and he over-reacts to most situations.

Bowie just found out that he was adopted.

Natalia and Elektra are little nudists whose best traits are snuggling.

Mason is a brave seafaring captain whose best trait is navigated through difficult waters.

Worm is a fine lady with a refined palate, and her best trait is begging for food.

Dinner is a survivor whose best trait is snuggling and living life to the fullest.

Teenie, Pippi, and Patty are retired couch hounds who enjoy regaling the neighborhood with the songs of their people.

Potato potates.

Snickers was given up on, but is happy to have found the neighbors.

Captain loves to model and would like to further his portfolio. Contact for headshots.

Morgan enjoys being a foster sister.

Ferdinand is quite Type A and finds it difficult to sit still. When he allows himself the opportunity, his favorite way to relax is gardening.

Meet Snow, an avid rock collector who is not afraid to get her paws dirty.